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Who says you need to go to a classroom to learn? Learning in the digital age should be fun, interactive, and easy to access from anywhere you want. With qLearn, education is no longer a boring word.

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qLearn (QNET) Awarded by IDSEI

At V-Malaysia 2019 in September, Graham Moore, the president of the International Direct Selling Educational Institute (IDSEI), went on stage to present QNET with an award for our contribution to education and advocacy of professionalism in the direct selling industry. In other words, for qLearn!

The IDSEI is the most dedicated and only licensed international institute to offer a globally recognised trademark certification programmes on direct selling and network marketing. They, like us, provide our fellow direct sellers with the education and empowerment we as a community need to practice our business professionally and execute each step with confidence.


Are you a newbie networker or a seasoned one? Whatever stage you’re at in your network...


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Introduction to E-Learning

Introduction to E-Learning

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